When a toaster oven cooks its last piece of bread, you likely unplug it, put it in your trunk, and drive it over to a waste and recycling center, or perhaps you simply toss it in your trash can outside. Simple, right?


But what happens when your refrigerator, stove, or other large household appliance finally stops working after years of dedicated service to your household? Even if you have the means to transport it outside, you are not about to bend at the knees and try dropping a washer or dryer into your trash bin.


There are many reasons why contacting a team like Always Reliable Junk Removal is beneficial in decluttering smaller items around your house. However, when said decluttering stretches into the realm of large appliance removal, those benefits become even more important. Let’s explore a few here!


Cost and Convenience

To dispose of a large appliance on your own, start with transportation. If you drive a smaller car, there is no way you’re going to strap a large freezer to the roof. Even if you do have a pick-up truck and some help in lifting, this takes up time in your day.


Then comes the reality of where you dispose of these large appliances. If you don’t live near a waste management center, where would you take it? Scrap yards also might reject certain appliances if they are not constructed primarily of a material they collect, such as copper or aluminum.


While there is a cost with hiring professional junk removal companies, there will likely be a cost associated with the location you take it to yourself, along with wear and tear on your vehicle. However, not only does Always Reliable Junk Removal have affordable rates, but the appliance also gets removed, while you never lift a finger!


Safety First  

Your time savings is important, but one thing that really matters in appliance removal is preventing personal injury. Not that it is assumed one individual will try to deadlift their dishwasher, but the general act of transporting something of the sort brings with it several safety risks.


Let’s suppose you are removing an air conditioner, which utilizes Freon for a cooling agent. If transported improperly, Freon exposure is dangerous to both yourself and the environment. This doesn’t even factor in the possibility of injuring yourself while lifting and transporting the item.


Always Reliable Junk Removal professionals are consistently trained in safety measures in both handling hazardous materials and heavy lifting, equipped with the right gear to ensure they stay safe while removing any and all debris associated with your retired appliance.


Affordable Junk Removal

From cost and convenience to safety and peace of mind, Always Reliable Junk Removal understands junk well! No appliance is too large, and no amount of clutter should cost you too much.

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