Got an old television at your home? No worries, in this article we’ll tell you how to properly dispose of it.

There may be numerous reasons that you might be thinking of ways to get rid of old television sets. Whether you’re getting a brand-new flat-screen maybe, how about the new 4K? Or you’re planning to move quickly and the new house has no room for the old junky tv. Great, now you have to find out how to dispose of it the right way.

Don’t throw it in the Trash

Believe it or not, improperly dealing with your old television set can be unlawful in the United States. In truth, there are cases in which your regional trash pickup services won’t take your TV.

Why you might be thinking?  Due to the fact that old electronics, not only from TVs, consist of harmful chemicals that can damage you and the environment.



Due to the fact that of these damaging chemicals, property owners must get rid of them correctly. By tossing your old television to the trash or a dumpster, it increases its possibilities of ending up in a junkyard. Not only will it contaminate the soil, however it can also contaminate water and air too!

What if it still works?

Now that you know the many risks that come when improperly dealing with your old electronics, it’s time to understand what you can do with them if its old but still in working condition!

Here’s what to do with old TV sets:

Donate them to homeless shelters, schools, and goodwill.


Offer your old television online or with a yard sale.  Recycle the old TV s through recycling centers or scrap hauling.

Donate Old TVs to Homeless Shelters

When your old TV works, among the best things you can do is to contribute it! After all, homeless shelters will be providing it a far better use than having it go to waste in a land fill.

Lots of house owners do not understand how to start with the donating process. We suggest to first try to find companies that’ll gladly accept your old television. You can even call some schools, senior centers, and libraries too!

Likewise, keep in mind to ask if there are unique requirements when donating. This will save you from a lot of trouble.

Sell It Online or By Hosting a Garage Sale


In requirement of extra cash? Worry not, since you can likewise opt for another option, having a yard sale!

Yard sales are fantastic when trying to find an effective way to get rid of your old TV while at the very same time generating income.


You ‘d marvel how important your junk might be to other individuals.

Not to keen on hosting a yard sale? Thankfully, you can offer your old television online. Sites such as Offerup and eBay work best for this kind of sale. Some people are looking for older things, you never know just try it.

Of course, when offering your old TV, make sure it still works. After all, nobody wishes to buy something that winds up being malfunctioning. Inspect if the TV’s buttons and plugs are working properly.


Recycling Old Television Sets

Last but not least, if your old set is broken or if it’s not in working conditions, then you can always recycle it! Did you know that old TVs have materials worth recycling, such as plastic and steel?

You can recycle your old TV in 2 ways:

Look for recycling centers.

Or contact your Always Reliable Junk Removal. Which is Eco-friendly company that know how dispose of e-waste properly. Our staff is waiting to hear from you for any junk removal needs or to answer any questions.