Some jobs don’t need a large 90- or 120-foot dumpster, and that’s where a 30ft and smaller sized dumpsters can be available.

When speaking about little or “mini” dumpsters, there are 3 primary choices: roll-off dumpsters, trailer dumpsters, or bag-style dumpsters.


Roll-Off Dumpsters

30ft dumpsters are extensively offered through local waste haulers and dumpster rental companies.

30ft containers are economical and are normally the smallest alternative used by a lot of dumpster rental companies.

Some dumpster rental companies do provide smaller sizes. If you search, they’re companies which provides 12- and 18-foot dumpsters at many of their locations nationwide.

A 30ft roll-off dumpster is a fantastic choice for managing a wide range of clean-ups:

Bathroom or kitchen renovation, floor, roofing shingles, lawn, basement or garage cleanouts. These are made for bulk junk removal jobs.


Trailer Dumpsters

Rubber-wheeled trailer dumpsters are not as widely readily available compared to roll-off dumpsters.


They do, nevertheless, use unique advantages.

Being on tires instead of steel feet, trailer dumpsters offer terrific protection versus damage to driveways, sidewalks, or yards.

They can also be moved into areas that might harder to reach. So, it makes them perfect for all kinds of different loading patterns.

Trailer dumpster sizes differ but frequently fall in the 24 to 36ft cubic.

Bigger 45-60ft trailer dumpsters can also be available for larger jobs.

The side are different on this some can be short and some can be tall so depending on the junk you’re hauling you are going to need the right sides.

Bag Dumpsters

The bag dumpsters are the smallest one available and are essentially giant trash bags.

Capabilities can vary from 6 to about 15 feet.

Waste Management has an option they call the Bagster.

These bags use about 9ft of packing capability.


These compact “soft” dumpsters are constructed of a tarp-like material that is strong enough to hold 2,000 pounds.

these are not ideal for really bulky items such as spas, large cabinets, and big trees.

These bags seem really the best option in most cases because of their and strength seem like the perfect fit. Not always what it seems so take a closer look.

Here’s why …

Higher Price

After researching Bagster and comparable bag dumpsters and we realized the price to be comparable, or perhaps sometimes, compared to that of renting a standard 30ft roll-off dumpster or trailer dumpster.

Now the price will be two-fold, you can purchase the bag dumpster from a big box home improvement store such as The Home Depot and they can range from $50- $100.

As soon as you fill the bag dumpster up and its completely full you have to have it picked up.

Your local Waste Management can come haul it away and this can run you an additional $100. You must be careful here because if it’s too full or is too heavy charges start to go up and can exceed $200 more.


Initially, it might appear that a “dumpster” you can purchase from Home Depot is a hassle-free choice, however it’s not when you consider everything.

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