Today we have put together some quick and reliable ways to reduce waste and junk from your household. Trash is a growing issue around the world but we can have a hand in getting it under control.

Every day we look up trash cans are overflowing with things we don’t use anymore and plastic bags full of junk.

As a responsible junk removal company, we want to do our part to getting a handle on the junk production. We use these products on a daily basis and just by understanding what we could do 1% better we could control our environment at a much higher level.

So here are 5 ways we can reduce waste from our house starting today:

#1. Reusable Bags

Finding an alternative to all the plastic we use in our kitchen. Instead of putting sandwiches in plastic bags, how about trying to wrap the kids’ lunch in wax paper or using glass jars to store leftovers instead wrapping them in plastic or in the sandwich bags.

It can be an inconvenience to go shopping with cloth bags but think about the relief that has on the landfills. Although, cloth bags are sturdier than plastic will ever be. No breaking in the middle of the parking lot and milk spilling everywhere.

#2 No more Junk Mail

Those bills, flyers, and coupons that block your mailbox are more than an annoyance; they’re also a source of unneeded waste.

We know live in a new day and age, where we can have all our bills be paid online so, when possible, switch to paperless billing. Now your expenses are emailed to you.

Anything you’re subscribed to that is unwanted make sure you take the time and unsubscribe.


#3 New Uses for Old Things

Before throwing out your old stuff ask yourself this question, who else could use this? Your baby’s all grown up now who else could use a stroller.

Instead of throwing away old home appliances, clothes, or home goods, see if you can donate them to a local shelter or sale them for quick cash on platforms like OfferUp. It is so true when they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Take the time to ask around to friends and family if they could use something you have before tossing it out.

 #4 Buying Something New

We all love to buy the latest and greatest new device but in reality, when we buy something new, we toss something old. What if we held off on the new thing and referred to number # 3 for a couple of months that would unclutter your house, save you money, and help our landfills.

It feels great to get something new but if you take up this habit of giving, I think you would get the same thrill.

Let’s try it.

#5 Reusable Cups

Having bottled water on the go is something we all do these days. Think about the plastic bottle that goes in the landfill. We can start using filters that connect directly to our faucets of refrigerators fill up a glass bottle or a Hydro and keep it with us on the go.

This is a great option and so easy to do.


When we look at the world around us, we see so much trash everywhere. We can start by making a difference in our household with the extra waste we have that we don’t even think about. With this list now it’s on the top of your mind on what to do and we can do our part. Making a different choice of what you’re going to do with your waste every day is a great start.


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